Focus of our organization:

Better Mental Health Foundation is a non-governmental organization, based in Varna, Bulgaria, that has set the task of initiating the formation of a number of complex psychic and social activities that would be very helpful not only to the society and all the communities and organizations, but also to the families and individuals that have been affected in some way by a mental disease or an addiction; the foundation has also the ambition to lessen the prejudices going along with these phenomena.

The foundation has the following basic objectives:

  • To carry out preventive and consultative activities, directed towards individuals having psychological and social problems.
  • To inform, consult and teach individuals and representatives of institutions that carry out some psycho-social intervention.
  • To work out projects and take part in similar international projects in accordance with the designation of the foundation.
  • To work out rehabilitation programs for individuals affected by drug addiction.
  • To collaborate with state and municipal authorities and organizations in order to assist the social integration of individuals with a lower social status.
  • To organize and fund different legal activities that would help children of poor families or such living with parents who have mental disorder or drug addiction.
  • To use outreach as a main working method for getting information and solving various problems.
  • To establish contact and co-operate with non-governmental organizations not only in Bulgaria, but also abroad in order to take consideration of their experience with drug addiction problems.

Information about the main project implemented by the organization:

  • Harm reduction of psycho-active substances use and psychological support at Higher educational institutions in Varna
    117 students were the subjects of observation and work; they were given questionnaires, they were inquired and psychotherapeutic interventions also took place at times.
  • A model of rehabilitation of individuals who have been affected by addictions and their reintegration in society (2002)
    The project was implemented for drug addicts, who had passed disintoxication in Varna. It was funded by the European Commission- Phare - 2000. The project was created and enacted by the team of the Foundation.
  • Rehabilitation of drug-addicted people in hospitals(2003)
    It was implemented in the drug ward at St. Marina hospital for mental diseases- Varna.
  • Ambulatory labour therapy in an intensive rehabilitation program outside the hospital(2004-2005)
    It is being implemented in collaboration with the centre for mental health and it is financed by the municipality of the city of Varna.
  • Maintenance of a low rate of HIV transmission among intravenous drug users(2004-continue)
    The project is a component of the Prevention and Control of AIDS Program, directed by the Ministry of Health
  • Maintenance of a low rate of HIV transmission.
    The project was funded by the United Holland Foundation, to expand the activities in new areas in Varna.
Information for contact:

Better Mental Health Foundation

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Contact person: Tony Mileva